Wendy Zito

Partners with organizations to meet their business objectives by providing development services such as in depth needs assessments, customized design of training, leadership development and coaching, team building, problem solving, conflict resolution, cross cultural communication, general facilitation, mediation, career transitions and change management.

Courses developed, designed and delivered:
• “Influencing across the Organization” for Cisco
• “Managing with Emotional Intelligence” for Edwards Lifesciences
• “It Starts with You!” Career Development workshop for Yahoo!
• Managing Customers with Emotional Intelligence for British Telecom
• Management Excellence @Novell
• Recruiting and Selecting Top Talent @ eBay
• Mastering Management @ Sun
• Lateral Leadership and Influencing across Organizations
• Recruiting and Hiring for Results
• Managing Customers with Emotional Intelligence for British Telecom
• Myers-Briggs Training for team building
• Dealing and Managing Change
• Hiring the Skype Way
• Strategic Visioning Executive Off Sites
Other courses facilitated:
Harvard Mentor Program for Uipath
• Career Planning and Staff Development for Managers at the United Nations
• Attracting Top Talent and Leading Top Talent @ Sun
• Managing Peak Performance @Adobe and Interviewing Top Talent @ Adobe
• New Managers Program @Sun
• Tough Conversations
• Change Acceptance Process (CAP) Program @ Sun
• Retaining the Talent Pool
• Team Effectiveness
• Fundamentals of Team Leadership
• Cross Cultural Communications
• The Art of Effective Questioning
• Diversity Awareness Training

• Executive coached managers, directors and Vice Presidents from Colgate-Palmolive, Sun, Adobe, eBay, Skype, Pay Pal, United Nations, European Central Bank, Merck, Caterpillar, DuPont, Genomic Health, Sojern, Service Source, Edwards Lifesciences, Omnicell, Uber, Uipath and other companies.

Specialties: Specializes in design, development and delivery of training for international organizations including off-site facilitation,team building, career counseling and executive coaching. Has trained in 30 different countries in Europe plus Asia, Africa, Australia, India, Russia and all over the USA. 

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