Sabine Schmittwilken

Brands are my passion and I am deeply convinced of the meaningful and value driving force of their purpose. I strive to find answers to the WHY for employees, customers and corporates from within the brand and its DNA. As a creative and innovative leader I inspire people and empower them to embrace the opportunities that come with change and embark on the journey.

I look back at 20+ years of experience with a proven track record of initiating and steering brand-driven transformation processes at top international corporates. Skilled in brand strategy, (re-)positioning of companies in their brand and customer perception, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, and making critical decisions during challenges.

For me, new and mindful leadership are lived practice paired with very good knowledge of modern working methods (including design sprint, scrum).

On a personal level I have a hands-on mentality and a deep entrepreneurial spirit. Driven by a continuous love of learning and curiosity, I fully embrace new challenges and trends. A high degree of empathetic understanding and passion complete the picture. Transparency and appreciation in dealing with one another are fundamental for me.

Memories are made by joining in the conversation.

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