Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn

My career has consisted of being a technology entrepreneur and business leader since 2003.

As CEO and one of three co-founders of Libryo, which was founded in March 2016, I’m primarily responsible for new business development and the technology side of product development.

Libryo helps any person, working in any organisation, to know what the law requires of them, in any situation. Backed by SeedCamp, Next Law Labs and Innogy Innovation Hub (amongst others), Libryo is a late Seed Stage startup rapidly entering the scale-up phase. Libryo has provided collections of regulatory content for large multinational companies in over 60 countries and counting…

Previously, I co-founded White Wall Web, a web development consultancy in South Africa, which later expanded its business to sell from the United Kingdom. At its peak, it had customers operating in 8 Countries (including the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand) and had 25 software developers. White Wall Web won top 10 in the Technology Top 100 award in 2004 and I came second in the South African SMME Entrepreneur awards in 2007.

From 2006-2011, I worked as a non-executive of the RAMP Group (see I co-founded the RAMP Foundation, which staged the NetProphet Conference, then the largest startup/technology conference in Africa. I was particularly involved in the RAMP Foundation Bursary program and in 2011, I was named one of the Mail and Guardian’s “200 Young South Africans” as a result.

I am now based near London, UK, where I live with my wife (global education policy development professional) and two young sons.

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