Paul Foulkes-Arellano

Welcome to Circuthon® Consulting Limited – home of #CircularFootwearInitiative & #CircularFashionInitiative. Circuthon® programmes are typically 6-12 months in length focused on training, executive team coaching & piloting circular innovation within linear businesses.

• @paanfo and @circuthon on Twitter
• Instigator of Circular Footwear Initiative and Circular Fashion Initiative
• Founder Sustainable Design Alliance @Sustainable_DA
• Experienced speaker on next generation materials, circular fashion and circular design
• Writer and contributor on #packaging and #circulareconomy #sustainability #sustainabledesign
• Packaging Advisor for A Plastic Planet
• Mentor at Centre For Entrepreneurs
• Cavaleiro da Confraria do Vinho do Porto (Knight of the Port Wine Brotherhood)

32 years in strategic brand consultancy and innovation consultancy across the world, focusing on #sustainable #circular #innovation. My passion is helping company owners and directors take their company and brands to new levels of #circularity, embedding a #circular culture. I love to work across a whole range of business disciplines, particularly the R&D, innovation, export and commercial sides of a business.

Personal Specialisms: Consulting, Materials Sourcing, International Customer Research 

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