Olivia Gribaudo

Olivia’s expertise is in transforming businesses and driving organisational effectiveness by focussing on the human side of change. Her approach and focus enable clarity of strategic thinking and delivery of business outcomes. Her passion is making a difference, enabling people to do the best work of their lives in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Having started her career in the technology sector, Olivia spent over 15 years at Diageo in several business transformation, organisational effectiveness, innovation and employee engagement roles, across different sectors and geographies. Since becoming a consultant and more recently Partner at PurpleBeach Olivia has worked with multiple organisations from financial, manufacturing, technology and FMCG sectors, across several strategic change and innovation programmes to unlock innovation and growth.

Olivia’s strength is in bringing clarity and structure to often complex, ambiguous or intangible concepts and challenges. A languages graduate, she speaks 5 European languages and is able to influence and build strong relationships across diverse stakeholder groups leveraging her expert communication skills. Olivia has a passion for the performing arts, theatre and dance, allowing her to unleash her own creative self and to experience the world from different perspectives which can be channelled to bring insight and inspiration to the world of work.

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