Loops gathers step by step feedback on designs from customers, your team and stakeholders in one place, then turn it into actionable tasks so you know what to do next.

– Access over 100 million people to test designs with, or, bring your own

– Capture qualitative research at scale and make informed decisions

– Integrate with design tools Figma or Adobe XD for a seamless workflow.

Designing new products and services is essential to growth. Great design is built on great feedback. Managing design feedback is a massive chore – especially in a remote world.

What takes days or weeks, Loops helps you do in minutes.

– No sign ups or logins make it easy for everyone to have a say

– Keep feedback focused on the things you care about and in one place

РConnect insights visually to ideas so there’s no ambiguity



Memories are made by joining in the conversation.

sharing your point of view and letting us know what it on your mind and what you would like to hear more of.