Kate Usher

I am a coach and change strategist specialising in Menopause, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with 15 years’ coaching experience. This followed from almost 20 years as an international project and change manager for FTSE 100 companies, leading IT and business process change projects in incredibly diverse environments including Africa, Europe, Australasia and North America.

I am an internationally published author on the impact of Menopause in the workplace. My book ‘Your Second Phase’ is available in UK, Europe, North America, South East Asia and Russia.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

I work with organisations to identify key barriers within their organisational culture and practice, and partner with the in-house team to build, implement and communicate strategies and processes that foster an equitable environment for the present and future.


This is both an EDI and Wellbeing issue. I work with organisations to increase awareness of this phase of life, to recognise its pivotal impact on equality across its workforce and representation in senior and executive positions, and to develop strategies to retain female talent.


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