Harald Nilsson

Every morning I wake up excited because I am able to work in cutting edge science together with great colleagues, incredible mentors and knowledgeable customers. Seeing that Cellevate has been named the most innovative Nanotech company in Sweden and is consistently being recognized for our innovations, I take pride in working hard to help keep Cellevate on that track.

My background is international, so I see myself belonging to an international community and not to a nationality, but home will always be on the countryside in Sweden.

I am truly curious and that is what has led me into the incredible field of Biotech. Throughout my learning I have had the luck of having incredible mentors with me, teaching me both science and business.

I love learning about philosophy, where my current favorites are Fredrich Nietzsche, The Frankfurt school thoughts on capitalism and Soren Kirkegaards thoughts the infinite & infinity. So, if you share my interest and know some good reads please tell me!

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