Ed Lu

Astronaut Edward Lu is a respected scientist, technologist, consultant and speaker. And he’s even been to space! He’s seen amazing stuff and he’s going to talk to us about it and more!

He is a co-founder of LeoLabs, a company that provides orbital tracking and collision avoidance services for satellite operators.  He is also the Executive Director of the B612 Foundation Asteroid Institute, a non-profit organization whose goal is to predict and prevent catastrophic asteroid impacts on Earth.

Ed provides advice and guidance to leaders in business and government on complex technical issues, scientific and technology trends and long term strategic planning.  He also serves as an advisor to several entrepreneurial companies in Silicon Valley. He is a highly sought-after  speaker and has given talks around the world on innovation, technology, space, and energy.

Formerly at Google, Inc., he led the Advanced Projects Group responsible for imaging for Google Street View and Google Maps/Earth, book scanning technology and innovative energy projects.

Prior to Google, Ed had a distinguished twelve-year career as a NASA Astronaut.  He flew on three space missions logging over 206 days in space.  In 2003 with just nine weeks of training, he earned the distinction of being the First American to launch as the Flight Engineer on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.  He became part of the first two-person skeleton crew to live aboard the International Space Station for six months. Ed received numerous commendations for his space service including NASA’s highest honour; the Distinguished Service Medal.

Ed lives in Silicon Valley and is writing a book about his 6-month stay aboard the International Space Station. Ed joined us at our very first event in 2013  and so much has happened since then we are delighted to have him join us again.

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