Caroline Hoffmann

Caroline Hoffmann

Caroline is a friend & fan of PurpleBeach and has worked closely with Annemie Ress over the last 6 years at the Innogy Innovation Hub.

That’s where Caroline has developed “Global Network Engagement”: a structured and data-driven approach for companies to get their stakeholders and target audiences systematically and intrinsically engaged – via both digital and offline tools, as well as events. Her driver is her passionate belief in the power of networks, because connecting globally with the relevant local business ecosystems, results in “bigger, better, more cost-effective” achievement of commercial goals. She believes that “Network Engagement” combines sales, marketing and communications in a holistic manner, as it sits strongly at the interplay of overarching [strategic] business objectives and commercial results. “Network Engagement” is a key component in the lifecycle of any business relationship and its management, e.g. for customers from lead generation of early adopters to retention of existing customers.

Caroline has over 18 years of experience in early stage and international business development within the wider utility sector with a strong focus on practical, digital & corporate cultural transformation. She has proven success in building and further developing innovative business segments and areas of competence and is an expert of and influencer in both worlds: corporate as well as agile, global network structures in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

According to her peers, she consistently spreads her positivity, intrinsic interest in people and new topics and passion for seeking new challenges, whilst always realising tangible commercial outcomes at pace.

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