Carola Frisch

The Times They Are A-Changin’

We need to think and work differently.

The established approach of how businesses recruit leadership talent no longer works.

Companies still need the proven team, functional and business leadership skills that have made them successful, but they also need modern leadership – leaders who drive transformation and who can respond to the changes in business, technology and society.

My value is my ability to help businesses and leaders navigate this shift.

My experience is built on placing leaders and working with some of the most iconic consumer lifestyle brands.

I understand what it takes to engage the new generation of leaders and how and where to find them.

I support businesses in hiring modern leadership talent and determining their leadership needs in times of rapid change and growth. My knowledge enables me to recognise the skills and mindsets needed to enhance the value of organisations, drive growth and keep businesses and brands relevant.

I also help emerging leaders define and develop their leadership approach and guide them in making good career decisions.

The measure of my success is the transformational value I bring.

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