Amy Hall

Amy has worked in senior sales and leadership roles with major FMCG players including Beiersdorf and Mars for the last 15 years. After thriving in the results driven, competitive and fast-paced world, she now wants to find purpose in helping others to create the life they want.

Amy embraces a challenge and has retrained as an Ayurvedic nutritionist. She loves family getaways, cooking and entertaining and gin (in moderation of course). When she can’t get out and about, she may be found raving in her kitchen.


Welfy was born out of a desire to redefine success for individuals and businesses and help people to create the life they want.

In the current world, it feels more important than ever to support businesses in adjusting to a new working culture, protecting their people and their performance from suffering as a result of poor physical and mental wellbeing.

Clients are telling us that they are worried about their people but they’re not sure how best to support them. At best their wellbeing initiatives are based on guess work. At worst they are just another box ticking exercise for worn out Line Managers.


Welfy arms people with the knowledge and tools to tackle their wellbeing and adopt better habits for good. Our research-based training programmes for Line Managers and employees can be delivered virtually and internationally.

Benefits include:
💥 Boosting wellbeing & productivity
💥 Reducing turnover
💥 Fewer absences & reduced presenteeism


✅ Welfy is HOLISTIC. We speak to the person, never the employee. Only by understanding and investing in the total wellbeing of an individual can we unlock their true potential in the workplace.

✅ Welfy is PERSONAL. The output for every attendee is a memorable, customised 1-page plan to act on immediately. They are unusually invested because they have created it.

✅ Welfy works on TEAMS. Change happens when it is supported by the people around you. We don’t believe in mass webinars. We have sat on enough of those to know that they rarely have a positive impact.

✅ Welfy CHANGES HABITS. Everything we do is geared towards creating a behaviour change that drives lasting employee wellbeing and productivity. Willpower wanes but the effects of Welfy endures.

✅ Welfy GETS IT. Welfy is founded by former senior business-people so you get measurable results, highly relevant, evidence based content and powerful communication.

Get in touch today so you and your people can start redefining success and creating the lives you want.

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