Amanda Bronkhorst

Founder at Just One Tree

Amanda is not just a dedicated hardworking Producer who approaches each job with commitment and energy so that she always delivers above and beyond, her personal qualities and sensibilities make her for me one of the most promising producers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
She knows her stuff but has a refreshing lack of rigidity in her approach. She communicates well but also listens acutely. Her intelligence combined with strong creative instincts make her a good choice for a director as well as the Exec Producer and she clearly relishes and embraces the challenges of the job, and negotiates her way through them with diplomacy, ease and natural good humour.
She treats her crew with respect and creates the environment where they can do their job to their full potential.
It is unusual to find a producer who balances the handling of a budget with the increasing demands of the creative vision so well in that she does full justice to both aspects of the job. It is a fine balance and she knows how to walk the line.
She is a joy to work with and while I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else, I also want to keep her for myself!

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