Alexis Eyre

My name is Alexis Eyre. I am a Sustainable Marketing Consultant and my aim is to help companies market a more sustainable future.

Since a plastic chair floated past my boat 1000 miles from land in the middle of the Atlantic, I knew that I had to do something about it.

I have been part of the marketing world in some shape or form for the past decade seeing it from all sides of the triangle – media owner, client and agency side. Ask me anything and I could give you a pretty good idea of what each party’s perspective is. It also makes for a pretty rounded skill set when it comes to marketing.

I passed the Cambridge Institute for SustainabilityLeadership (an arm of University of Cambridge) certificate in Business Sustainability Management with flying colours (88%) followed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation‘s Linear to Circular Economy course and now aligning all that I have learnt with all my existing expertise to find a way to help companies future proof themselves though a sustainability lens; the only way forwards.

Take a listen to the podcast I co-founded with Ceri Hurford-Jones recently called Future Blue (making green waves). We aim to inspire sustainable practices in the global marine industry.

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